Consejo 16. Advice 16

Sonic Youth, en su tema "Or" pregunta qué viene primero, si la música o la letra. La respuesta es clara, nos gusta el rock, porque nos gusta la música. Si a la pregunta de porqué te gusta un músico, la única respuesta que podes dar es que te gustan sus letras, posiblemente no te guste tanto la música y prefieras la poesía. Para eso están los libros.

Sonic Youth in the song "Or", makes this question: what does come first? The music or the lyrics?. The answer is clear, we like rock because we love the music. If you are asked for the reasons why you like a musician and you just can say that you like him because you love his lyrics, probably you don't like the music so much and prefer the poetry. And that is what books are for.